POULT-ry Palace!

Posted by Kitty Sharkey , Monday, April 20, 2015 9:21 PM

Tonight I completed the remodeling / expansion transforming the large brooding crate into POULT-ry Palace!  Or perhaps Turkey Taj Mahal?

This weekend I picked up an extra large folding crate from a fellow homesteader who is moving.  It was a steal for only $10.00!  By connecting my existing crate with the new one, the turkey poults have plenty of room to stretch their legs, and yes their wings too (already trying to fly from one end to the other) as they grow.

The end with the light has a few small blankets and a towel to help concentrate/contain the heat, while the rest of the run is wide open.  Since it's inside the house, I'm not too worried about them getting cold.  They are readily moving from one end to the other, so I know they are fine.  They seemed to have settled down for a little bit at the back end in the corner opposite corner from where the light is.  That's good.  That's what you want to see.  If they were piled up directly under the light that would indicate that they were too cold.  If they were as far from the light as possible, too hot.  But at the periphery of the light?  Just right.  Sounds like the three bears, but in this case it's the six turkeys.

Once they are a bit bigger and feathered out a little, I can easily move them outside with this set up.  It's got plenty of room for them to grow, so it should be good for a while.  FYI - When it's hot outside (like it was last Saturday), I have a smaller cage that I take them outside into the garden in.  I open the door so they can run around if they want.  They tend to stay within a few feet of their comfort zone, it it's fun to watch them explore.

For now, Arthur is keeping a watchful eye on them.  When I let them out to climb all over me (bonding time!), he likes to sniff them and touch them gently with his paw.  That is until one of them decides to peck his outstretched paw.  After that he backs off a foot or two and just watches.  I imagine they'll be trying to crawl on top of him before too long.

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