Posted by Kitty Sharkey , Tuesday, September 16, 2014 3:53 PM

Tomorrow, September 17th at 6 PM, , the Oakland Planning Commission will be discussing significant and positive changes to Oakland’s urban agriculture regulations. We really need people to attend and demonstrate how important this topic is to all of us.  If these policy changes go through it will be a HUGE WIN for the urban agriculture and homesteading movement in Oakland. 

According to the Proposed Regulations, growing and selling on site in our own yards would no longer require a home occupation permit but would be permitted outright.  This would also apply to multi-unit dwellings, high rise apartments etc.  In addition, keeping up to three hives and selling honey is also permitted.  That right folks - NO SPECIAL PERMITS REQUIRED (i.e. Home Occupation Permit, Conditional Use Permit).   With a few limitations based upon zoning (open space, transit zones, certain downtown and industrial areas, estuary zones, etc.), homesteading activities including livestock raising would be permitted outright as long as you comply with the existing codes for noise, vector, no sale of meat/dairy, etc.  If I’m reading the proposal correctly this is a HUGE VICTORY for those of us that choose to raise our own food. 

PLEASE plan on attending this critical meeting and showing your support for all the hard work by folks like Esperanza Pallana and the Oakland Food Policy Council for helping to ensure our RIGHT to grow and raise our own food.  It's been a long road to get to this point and the rest of the nation has been keeping a close eye on our city with regards to urban agriculture regulation.  I have been involved in the process on and off over the past several years and have witnessed the pendulum swing between extremes in all directions.  After scanning the large document and reviewing the three classifications linked to below, I am doing a happy dance!

·  Community Gardens: http://www2.oaklandnet.com/w/oak049164
·  Limited Agriculture: http://www2.oaklandnet.com/w/oak049166
·  Extensive Agriculture: http://www2.oaklandnet.com/w/oak049165

If you attend, please be sure to comment POSITIVELY on the proposed update to the Urban Agricultural Regulations and also recommend the lifting of the restrictions on Open Space and Transit Oriented Zones as put forth by the Oakland Food Policy Council.

Meeting Time:  6 PM
Meeting location:  Oakland City Hall, One Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Hearing Room No. 1, Oakland, CA 94612.

***  HAPPY DANCE ***