Talking points for the Planning Commission tonight

Posted by Kitty Sharkey , Wednesday, September 17, 2014 10:50 AM

If you can attend Planning Commission meeting tonight it is critical that we all remain focused, positive, and supportive! There will be folks there who want to take the right to grow/raise our own food away from us.  We do not want to be lured into negativity and public confrontation by this very vocal minority.

Find me to get a sticker tag which will help identify supporters and bring prepared talking points!  The Planning Commission is mostly in support of these changes. Oakland Food Policy Council and Council member Kaplan's office are recommending further changes. The overall tone of the OFPC organization is supportive toward the proposal.  These folks have been working hard for the past several years to insure our right to grow and raise our own food here in Oakland.

In your talking points, be sure to thank the Planning Commission for taking this historic step in supporting the right to produce food within Oakland.  Show support for the removal of certain conditional use permit requirements as recommended by the OFPC and Council member Kaplan.  But most of all, make it personal.  Tell them a little bit about yourself and your homesteading activities.  This proposal will allow you to continue growing your own fruits and vegetables and even sale your excess.  It will also allow you to continue (or start) raising livestock for eggs, milk, and meat for your own personal consumption (NOT sale) without the need for any special permits.  I for one will be happy to no longer feel like I must constantly defend my right to raise my own food on my own property.
Whether or not you can make the meeting tonight, Please take a moment to write a letter of support to all members of the Planning Commission. 

Oakland City Planning Commissioners -

These folks need to hear from us!!!!

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