Po-TAY-Toe, Po-TAH-Toe

Posted by Kitty Sharkey , Saturday, July 12, 2014 3:11 PM

This year I grew potatoes in grow bags on my front walkway.  I wanted to compare the results between the nursery grow bags and my home made version.  The store bought ones produced a slightly higher yield.  I'm guessing it might have to do with the darker color.  But my up cycled feed bags still did pretty dang good.  At $20 for 2 grow bags, I could afford to buy another pound of seed potatoes and bagged soil to plant 3 more feed bags.  IF I had the space to do this, I'd probably come out ahead in the long run.  And I'd be up cycling a waste product to boot.  Pretty nice!

I planted 1 lb of All Blue Organic Seed Potatoes, placing 3 in each bag.  Overall, my yield was 8:1, which is pretty good.  Ideal conditions should yield around 10 or 12:1, but who has ideal conditions in the city?  I think my yield would have been a little higher if I had been more consistent with my watering.  But I'm definitely pleased with the results.

I'm going to use several of the smaller ones as seed potatoes to replant in fresh soil a little later in the season.  It's actually possible to grow 2 crops a year by planting in the spring and the fall.  And the bags are easy to move around if required due to weather issues.

So why bother with all this for 8 pounds of potatoes?  Why not just go buy a bag of organic potatoes at the store?  Well, it's fun for one.  I mean, come on...  These are BLUE potatoes!  Also, it's challenging to see what and how much I can grow here on my small homestead.  It's more nutritious.  And there is no comparison to the flavor of fresh homegrown produce.  No, I didn't grow enough potatoes to last me through the winter.  But that wasn't my goal.  What I did want to do was increase my yield over previous years where I've tried various growing methods.  I'm very pleased with the results.  I think I'll be sticking with the grow bags.