Winter Frittata

Posted by Kitty Sharkey , Thursday, December 26, 2013 8:13 PM

I have to admit I'm proud of myself.  This year I'm having my best winter garden to date.  Normally, I have a half ass winter garden.  I start it too late and then ignore it.  I end up with lots of bugs and not a lot of produce.  But not this year.  I decided early on that I was going to get serious about it and make it work.  So I did extra research on crop rotation, inter planting, companion planting, and trap cropping of winter veggies.  And I have to admit, the results are pretty spectacular compared to previous attempts.
This afternoon I decided it was finally time to start harvesting some of the bounty.  This is the basket on my knee scooter chock full of freshness.  Left to right, one sizable bunch of collard greens, two heads of red bok choy, half a dozen eggs, and two or three sizable bunches of broccoli rabe.  I could have picked more, but this seemed sufficient for one evening.  Kristin and I quickly came up with a plan for dinner.  Mmmmm... Frittata!
I took the back seat and let Kristin do most of the cooking.  First she started by browning up some diced bacon.  She drained out about half the fat and then turned to the onions.  The trick IMHO with onions is to slowly let them sweat over a gentle flame.  You can't rush perfection.  We also added in the diced stalks from the greens and some garlic along with a nice drizzle of some lemon infused olive oil.

When the onions were just about perfect, we added in the chopped greens and let them steam down.  Again, patience was paramount.  But oh, the aroma!  

Once complete, this mixture was removed from the pan and kept warm in a bowl with foil over it.  Next into the pan was the remaining bacon grease and diced potatoes.  The heat was turned up to brown the potatoes so they'd have a nice crisp surface.  We also tossed in more garlic and a little more of the lemon infused olive oil for good measure.
Once the potatoes were crispy, the greens, onions, and bacon were stirred back in.  Then came the fresh eggs.  LOTS of fresh eggs.  The heat was turned off and in went 6 or 8 eggs.  This was stirred and the heat of the mixture quickly cooked the eggs.  Before they could get completely done, we stirred in another half dozen eggs.  By this time, there wasn't enough heat to cook the second batch of eggs.
The entire lot was popped into a 350 oven for about 20 minutes.  The anticipation was killing us!  This is about the time we couldn't decide if we were making a frittata or a quiche.  And what the heck was the difference anyhow.  A quick Google search gave us the answer and provided a nice distraction from the kitchen for a little while.
When the eggs were just about cooked through, the top was sprinkled with Monterey Jack cheese.  A couple minutes under the broiler and the surface was bubbly and golden and done to perfection.  Once we took it out of the oven, we of course had to wait about 5 minutes for it to cool down.  
Now doesn't that look delicious?  Oh, if only you could smell the aroma!  And the taste?  OH MY GOSH is it good!!!  Kristin even went back for seconds.  I know what we're having for breakfast tomorrow!  Heck, maybe even lunch too.  It's THAT good!  No recipe required.  Just good fresh ingredients from the garden and barnyard along with some basic cooking skills.  

And my winter garden?  Oh, it holds so much potential.  Now I need to figure out how I'm going to prepare the bok choy I picked.  And there is just so much more nummy goodness to come.  Happy Dance for fresh winter veggies!  Nom nom nom

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