Who's going to miss who the most???

Posted by Kitty Sharkey , Monday, September 16, 2013 10:54 PM

Sleepy, droopy, Vicky - ZONKED in my mom's lap.  Her legs were just dangling down, but she slept there for quite a while.  Vicky loves my mom.  She thinks my mom's lap is the best place ever.  When we were at faire this weekend, she managed to get out of the petting zoo pen.  She was running all over.  Then she saw my mom and ran right to her and hopped up into her lap.  So sweet!

Here's Mom and my neighbor Gail enjoying a little slice of Goatling Heaven.  Bourke is in Mom's lap while Vicky and Tinkerbell are in Gail's.  After visiting, the three of us went out for sushi.  Well, Gail and I had sushi.  Mom had udon.

Obviously, Gail was enjoying herself and being silly.  I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful neighbor.

Mom misses gardening, so I made sure she had a chance to help out while she was here.  She planted a huge hanging pot with eight geraniums that now hangs from the pergola out front.  It is centered in the living room picture window so I can enjoy it from inside and out.  Here she was planting lemon grass.  Of course, she likes to wear gloves.  Can't get her beautiful nails dirty, oh no!  
Sorry, Vicky.  I think Tink has replaced you as my Mom's favorite.  Here they are curled up sleeping on the couch one evening.

Of course Mom's heart isn't the only one that Tink has stolen.  Willow was smitten by her too.  And so was Alex and Lisa and Taylor and Freya and Bird and Puddles and and and... I can tell she's going to be a spoiled little sweetheart her entire life.
On Saturday morning, Tinkerbell managed to get stepped on by her mom, Gretel.  She was crying really loud and wouldn't put any weight on her back leg.  Once I picked her up she quit crying, but she was definitely trembling.  I gave her a full exam - poking, prodding, pulling, pushing - and couldn't get her to call out, so I think she was just bruised.

Mom was sleeping in the tent, so I tucked Tink in with her.  After a couple minutes, Tinkerbell quit trembling.  She then proceeded to fall into blissful sleep all comfy and warm under the blankets with Mom.

"Do we HAVE to get up?  I'm nice and warm!"  Yes indeed.  Although they both would have preferred to stay snuggled up all morning, we did have to get up.  Besides, I needed to get Tink back on her feet to see if she'd put weight on that leg.  As the day wore on, she put more and more weight on it.  By Sunday morning, she was bouncing around like her normal little self with only a hint of favor towards the leg.  I'm sure she'll be just fine.

Tinkerbell and I, along with the rest of the herd are going to miss Mom.  She flies home tomorrow morning.  So today we just sat and relaxed and watched the goats play.  And the icing on the cake?  Mom got to see a Condor as it soared gracefully over our heads.  We both enjoyed ourselves tremendously.  I'm looking forward to the next time she gets to come down and play.

Love you Mom!!!

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