Today, I'm sporting a pouty face.

Posted by Kitty Sharkey , Thursday, September 12, 2013 2:25 PM

I just wish I was this cute.  The little girl pictured above captures perfectly the mix of emotions I'm feeling - Pain, frustration, contemplation, resigned acceptance, pessimistic hope?

Today I saw a different Podiatrist for a second opinion on my foot.  Fresh eyes, so to speak.  Glad I did, although my foot is KILLING me due to all the poking and prodding he did.  While reviewing the latest MRI at the areas of my foot that were hurting the most, he discovered something that was previously overlooked.  He pulled up the MRI from one year prior and confirmed his suspicion.

The issue with my foot isn't the small cyst in my cuboid bone as noted by the radiologist that reviewed the MRI's.  Nope.  I definitely have a torn tendon.  Ligaments reattach themselves and heal.  Tendons don't.  And the place where it is torn explains why driving is the activity that causes me the most pain.  Guess what I use to push on the gas and step the break?  Yuppers.  That tendon.

The two doctors are going to review the findings together and then get back to me.  But it looks like I'm headed for surgery soon.  So the pouty face is two fold.  On the one hand it's great that we finally may know what's causing this ongoing pain.  On the other hand I have suffered for two years now because I did not receive an accurate diagnosis.  If this had been found on the first MRI, I would most likely be feeling a heck of a lot better now.  Grrrr.... Semi-happy relieved frustrated painful Grrrr...

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Connie Ng Says:

Glad that hopefully you will be all better and not having to deal with foot issues