The fencing around my "pasture" is finally complete

Posted by Kitty Sharkey , Friday, August 23, 2013 12:51 PM

I set up a 4' x 16' x 6" raised bed earlier this summer to experiment with creating a small pasture area for my critters, especially the geese.  Originally I laid down sod and then watched to see how it worked and whether or not it would get destroyed in an instant.  Good news is that it didn't.  So I let the sod die and then pulled it up.  Why?  Because I realized that it was grown on/through plastic netting.  Um... not a good idea in my barnyard

With a bit of help, I've finally fenced it off so that I can seed the raised bed with a Dairy Pasture Mix from Peaceful Valley Nursery.  This morning the girls are helping me spread a nice rich layer of compost.  Once they've done most of the work, a layer of composted rabbit manure will also be added.  Then it will all be forked into the soil prior to seeding.  I plan on broadcasting seed and then covering it with a layer of barnyard mulch (mostly straw) to help hold in moisture.  Finally, the entire surface will be covered with 1/2" hardware cloth that will be attached to the surrounding boards.  The pasture grass will grow up through the hardware cloth.  This will prevent destruction of the bed once the pasture is grown and the critters begin foraging on it.

It's nice to have such happy workers on my homestead.

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