MILK! Oh, how I've missed you!!!

Posted by Kitty Sharkey , Saturday, August 24, 2013 11:50 AM

Today I decided to steal some milk from Candy and start training her on the milk stand.  I try to let the kid(s) have all the milk they want for the first week or so before I start taking a portion.  The problem is that Baby Ruth tends to favor one side.  That's not unusual.  But with only one kid, this tends to result in a lopsided udder.  So today I decided it was time to even Candy out a bit.

Normally when you start training a first freshener to be milked, they sort of freak out.  "Why is my head locked in this damn thing?  WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING MY UDDER???  I don't give a damn about that grain.  STOP TOUCHING ME!!!" accompanied by lots of dancing around, kicking hooves, trying to lay down, etc.  Normally, you end up tossing a lot of milk for the first few weeks because they inevitably either kick the bucket over or put a hoof into it.

But not my girl, oh no!  Candy took to the milk stand like a seasoned professional.  She didn't protest the stanchion and eagerly dug into the grain.  When I wiped her udder clean she immediately squatted into the perfect stance.  When I began milking her she didn't budge.  Not only did she NOT put a foot in the milk bucket,  SHE DIDN'T EVEN RAISE A HOOF!

Incredible!  Absolutely incredible!  I kept waiting for that back leg to jerk up in protest.  But she didn't budge.  I'm totally floored by the experience.  I didn't strip her udder by any means.  I just milked the one side down until it was slightly smaller than the side Baby Ruth drinks from.  Then I took a small amount from the other side and evened Candy out.  Trust me, she still had PLENTY of milk for her kid.  And now that I'm starting to milk her, there will be plenty for me too!

Starting tonight I'll separate the kids when I go to bed.  Then tomorrow morning I'll begin milking on a daily basis again.  I'll take the morning milk and the kids can have all they want for the rest of the day.  I may give Lulu's kids a few more days before I take much from her.  But getting her back on the milk stand to eat will begin in the morning.  And lets not forget that Nali and Gretel are still due to freshen in the near future.

Oh, I have soooooooooooooooooo missed having MILK!!!

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