Ducklings first walk about

Posted by Kitty Sharkey , Sunday, July 7, 2013 9:57 PM

This afternoon, Mary took her little ones out for their first walk about.  I decided to let Spanky and Bonnie in for a little visit as they had been hanging out next to the pen most of the day talking to Mary every time she poked her head out of the nesting house.

I was happy to see that except for a couple little exploratory nips, Spanky was not aggressive towards his offspring at all.  Bonnie made a bee line for the nesting house and happily munched down on several cracked shells.  Afterwards, they both settled down inside the pen for a rest as if that's where they were supposed to be all along.  Unfortunately I had to kick them out after a while, just in case...

Mary settled down with the little ones in a far corner of the pen.  Once I was positive she wasn't going to return to the nest, I removed the nesting house and the five remaining unhatched eggs.  I broke down the nest and brought in an extra large crate filled with fresh hay, food, and water.  It only took a little coaxing this evening to get her and the ducklings inside for the night.  I figure it's better safe than sorry until they are a bit bigger.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot  The final count is eleven little fluffy balls of cuteness.  Congratulations to Mary for a job well done!

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