Ducklings first walk about

Posted by Kitty Sharkey , Sunday, July 7, 2013 9:57 PM

This afternoon, Mary took her little ones out for their first walk about.  I decided to let Spanky and Bonnie in for a little visit as they had been hanging out next to the pen most of the day talking to Mary every time she poked her head out of the nesting house.

I was happy to see that except for a couple little exploratory nips, Spanky was not aggressive towards his offspring at all.  Bonnie made a bee line for the nesting house and happily munched down on several cracked shells.  Afterwards, they both settled down inside the pen for a rest as if that's where they were supposed to be all along.  Unfortunately I had to kick them out after a while, just in case...

Mary settled down with the little ones in a far corner of the pen.  Once I was positive she wasn't going to return to the nest, I removed the nesting house and the five remaining unhatched eggs.  I broke down the nest and brought in an extra large crate filled with fresh hay, food, and water.  It only took a little coaxing this evening to get her and the ducklings inside for the night.  I figure it's better safe than sorry until they are a bit bigger.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot  The final count is eleven little fluffy balls of cuteness.  Congratulations to Mary for a job well done!

Video of the new arrivals - DUCKLINGS!!!

Posted by Kitty Sharkey , Saturday, July 6, 2013 5:47 PM

Mary and her little ones.  She was sitting on 18 eggs and still has at least 5 eggs under her.  It's hard to tell because I don't want to disturb her so I just have to try to get a count when she moves around.  I've been able to count eleven ducklings so far.

What can I say? Life happens...

Posted by Kitty Sharkey 11:20 AM

So it's been a while since I've written a post here.  Why?  Too many reasons.  Too many things to do and not enough time to just sit and reflect.  My spring schedule was full with one event after another.  Then Mom came to visit for three weeks.  And now we've been dealing with unbearable heat and humidity.  But even that seems to have let up a bit.  Finally!!!

But today, I'm celebrating life.  Specifically NEW life.  Spanky is now a Papa!  Mary's little ducklings started hatching out this morning.  So far I've been able to count nine.  But she was sitting on 18 eggs, so who knows how many she'll have under her by the end of the weekend.  For now, I've put up some fencing in the corner of the yard where her nesting house is so that the other critters will leave her alone.  She has food, water, and much needed privacy.  I'm trying not to disturb her too much right now.

Once the little ones have their feet about them and start wandering around, I'll try to get some good video to post.  But for now, here's a little preview.