As a matter of fact, the grass IS greener on the other side of the fence!

Posted by Kitty Sharkey , Saturday, March 9, 2013 2:56 PM

My neighbor and dear friend Gail's backyard is a bit on the overgrown side, so to speak.  She says she's paid numerous times to have it knocked down, dug out, etc.  But since I moved in, I've been trying to convince her to let me put a gate in the fence between our yards.  I've taken the kids over there a time or two, but the gate has always been a definite no.

That was until her friend Eliza came to visit a few weekends ago.  She and I led the goats and the ducks out the gate, around the front yard, up her driveway, and into her backyard for a morning of munching.  It was a beautiful day with good friends, pleasant conversation, and frolicking critters.  And Eliza told Gail we should put a gate in the fence.  See?  It wasn't just me.  Finally Gail said okay.  But only as long as we could lock it.

So this morning, I knocked on Gail's door to triple check that it was actually okay with her.  I assured her I would put a double cylinder dead bolt on the fence and we'd both have keys.  She said to go ahead.  As I was leaving, she said "I love you.  You drive me crazy, but I love you."  Truth is, I love her too.  I couldn't have picked a better next door neighbor if I tried.  I got damn lucky when I found this house, in more ways than I realized at the time.

So off to the hardware store I went to pick up the necessary supplies.  A couple hours later, and this is what it looked like a few minutes after the initial opening.  Nom nom nom on the tree.  But no worries.  It's scheduled to be chopped down very soon.  So they can munch on it all they want.  I've already wrapped the trucks of the trees that Gail is keeping.

Pappy, of course, is completely in his element.  My little fluff ball is in grass tall enough to touch his belly.  But not for long.  Nom nom nom.

"Oh, Ma!  There's some really TASTY stuff here in the back corner!

And didn't Gail say this rose needed to be trimmed anyway?  Ok, Mom.  I'll help!"

The ducks, having been there before, only hesitated a little bit before heading over.  And Tony, my turkey, seems pretty excited too.  He's been back and forth a couple of times.  Carol was the first chicken, but I'm pretty sure the rest of the girls will follow soon enough.

Me?  I'm going to relax and watch them for a little bit.  Then I need to install the deadbolt.  But for now?  Just enjoying my happy critters!

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What an awesome neighbor. I understand her reservations about the gate. My neighbor and I thought about it but between the kids, the animals, and their eventual move out....we decided not to. I love your little sheep! I want one SOOOO bad. My little homestead is slowly coming along. perhaps you will check it out sometime!