Rabbitry Remodel - July 2012

Posted by Kitty Sharkey , Wednesday, July 11, 2012 4:00 PM

Sorry for the length of the attached videos, but I was just so damn excited to show this off now that the first stall is complete.  Here are a few details

Approximately 47 square feet of romping room in each rabbitry stall:

  • Lower level = 21 sq ft
  • Middle level = 12+ sq ft
  • Hideout roof = 3 sq ft
  • Upper level = 11+ sq ft
Cage on upper level can be closed easily when isolation is necessary, such as when Melissa kindles.

Entire interior can be removed quickly and easily when a total muck out is necessary:
  • Built using standard fence boards
  • One screw connects the cage to the first board on the upper level.  Wires suspend the balance of the cage from the roof (same as before).
  • Two screws connect the stairway to the bracket on the wall.
  • All level "floor" boards are not screwed in, but rather sitting on the horizontal supports so they can just be lifted out.
  • Hideout can easily be lifted out.
  • If a board becomes damaged, it only costs $2.05 to replace it.
2" x 4"s and Lattice door are reclaimed from other/old projects.

Although it's taken me about 10 times longer than it should have to build the dang thing (I'm working with a cam boot on my right foot), I have to admit that I'm pretty pleased with myself right about now.  I love it when things come together in the end.


4 Response to "Rabbitry Remodel - July 2012"

Anonymous Says:

Hello: I stumbled across your website I live in the East Bay (Fremont) and I am looking for a bay area source for rabbit manure compost . My wife and I are growing vegatables and are going the organic route no fertilizers. I would appreciate any local recommendations for rabbit manure compost Thank you Joe my email is jardine51050@yahoo.com

Kitty Sharkey Says:

Sometimes I have some to give away, but I'm afraid the two buckets I have right now are already spoken for.

I suggest you join the Bay Area Homestead Hook-Up list serve and ask there. You can find the link and directions for joining here:


It's a great resource!

You should also consider joining the East Bay Urgan Agriculture Alliance. Here's the link to the home page:


Good luck with your garden!

Kai Says:

I would love to see plans of this. I am debating the shed or outside area but I love your towers. the cages don't feel right to me but I love this set up. more details would be amazing

Kitty Sharkey Says:

I don't really have a set of plans. My original rabbitry was based on the example on shown on page 56 in the Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits. Plans for this slanted roof rabbit shed begin on page 67. Their plans allow three cages across in two stacked rows.

For my rabbitry, I made built it along the existing fence line which allowed me to make it long enough for 5 cages across. I started with a Kleen Flush system from BASS Rabbit Equipment underneath the cages. This basically gave me three sections that were 6' long and 3' deep with an additional 1' overhang on the roof.

When I decided to remodel the rabbitry to allow them more room, I just used one 6' x 3' section. I think you can see the basic design in the first video. I just nailed horizontal boards to the sides and laid additional boards on top of them to make the levels. The top level is equal with the cage bottom. For the middle level, I think I just split the difference between the top one and the floor. The steps used standard risers available at the home improvement store.

Hope this helps! Glad you are inspired by my design.