Posted by Kitty Sharkey , Friday, May 4, 2012 1:29 PM

Yes indeed.  Once again, PB is in charge of a bunch of little'uns.  Last year she hatched 7 ducklings for me.  This year, she's in charge of raising my replacement laying hens as well as a few meat birds.  She had been broody for about a week when I stuffed 4 chicks under her yesterday.  This then morning, she took on 6 more.  They all took to her big fluffy underbelly/wings immediately.  And PB?  Immediately protective of "her brood."

I had to flip the kennel over so the doorway would be on the top and she could easily hop in and out if she needs to do her daily business.  So while I was remodeling the nursery, she took her little ones for a round about the barn and introduced them to Nali.  If you don't already know, Nali loves chicks.  And they always love her.  So it was fun.  They aren't big enough to climb all over her yet, but they will be soon.

I do have 4 other chicks out in the yard, but they are several weeks old and it's too late to introduce them to PB.  But no worries.  They bonded with the ducks in the side yard and well...  It's just another day on the farm.

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