An Unexpected Visitor. Meet Gretel

Posted by Kitty Sharkey , Tuesday, March 20, 2012 10:50 AM

Hello Everyone!  

My name is Gretel.  I'm a 5 months old Nigerian Dwarf.  I get to hang out with all the other cool kids at Havenscourt Homestead.

I'm so lucky!  I have a new playmate who is only about a month older than me.  Candy is my new best friend.

There is this really cool pile of branches that are fun to climb under and over.  They taste good too.  Bark is really delicious!

I found this really cool hollow place under the branches.  It's like having my own private little fort.  Right now this is my favorite place to hang out.  There's room in here for Candy too, but she hasn't joined me yet.

My Human decided to have a two legged kid who is now taking up most of her time.  Two legs?  Why would anyone want two legs when they could have four?  Ridiculous!

So this new Human named Kitty came over to my old house and picked me up.  I was a little scared at first.  But then she brought me to this new barnyard and I was really excited.  There are a bunch of other goats and all sorts of critters and places to explore.  

There is one big goat, Snowberry, who chases me around a little, so I guess she's the boss.  Last night she wasn't too happy about me sleeping inside the barn.  But Kitty came in and sat with us all.  She kept Snow away from me and gave her lots of scratches to assure her she was still the boss.  Then she gave me lots of snuggles until I got really tired and had to lay down to sleep.

When I woke up this morning, it was all better.  I think I'm going to go crawl into the fort and chew some cud.    First breakfast was delicious.  Now it's time for my second one.

I hope you come to visit me soon.  I'm excited to meet everyone.


4 Response to "An Unexpected Visitor. Meet Gretel"

carlaalopez Says:

Awww...I must come and see her. She is cute. Love her fort.