Nine days and counting

Posted by Kitty Sharkey , Saturday, February 11, 2012 10:05 AM

My little Lulu isn't so little right about now.  She isn't due until the 20th, but she's already settled down into the barn to wait it out.  I'm trying to keep her as comfortable as possible, but at this point there isn't a lot to be done other than keeping her dry and warm (but not too warm) with easy access to plenty of fresh water and orchard grass.  I've given her some nutri-drench a couple of times, and today I'll give her some warm water with electrolytes to give her a little boost.

Her breathing when laying down is a little labored.  My guess is that the position compresses her insides and the babies push further against her organs so her lungs have less capacity.  She's not struggling to breath, but rather just snorting / snoring with each breath.  Although once she's been laying down for a while, this seems to lessen.  My guess is that she has a little more lung capacity once the the kids settle into a comfortable position inside.

When I do my morning milking of Nali, I try to do double duty to save time.  While she's on the milk stand, I let another one of the girls inside the milking parlor to eat out of a bucket in the grain storage hall area.  This way it takes less time to get them all their daily grain ration. This morning, Lulu came in as expected.  But after only a few mouthfuls, she proceeded to lay down on the floor.  She then ate her ration from this position.  I have never seen one of my does do this.  Near the hay rack?  Yes.  All the time.  But in the milking parlor?  Never.

Today, I will double check and restock my birthing kit and place it on the shelf in the barn.  I have to be ready at a moments notice.  Nali's last freshening taught me that.  No signs at all, and then she gave out a cry and *poof* she was pushing out Shadow 10 minutes later.  Good thing I was prepared with everything I might possibly need in easy reach.

With any luck, Lulu will be a couple of days early and I'll have the weekend to spend with her and the kids.  I'll be working from home on Thursday, then off on Friday through Monday, and working from home again on Tuesday.  I doubt I'll leave the house for more than a quick jaunt to the store.  I suppose it's time to stock up my kitchen as well.

Nine days and counting...

2 Response to "Nine days and counting"

Lynne Says:

Any news on Lulu? Any new babies? Inquiring minds want to know!

Kitty Sharkey Says:

Funny you should ask. We're actually hunkered down in the barn this morning. Lulu is very restless this morning and exhibiting all the preliminary behaviors. It could be anytime in the next 10 days, but if I had to lay my bets righ now? Um.. yeah. I think today may be the day.