Welcome to Covey Run!

Posted by Kitty Sharkey , Tuesday, October 25, 2011 9:35 AM

This planned community features a six story condo complete with an automatic watering station and a dust bath.  It's situated in a lovely orchard which provides plenty of space for day hikes, stretching/exercise, foraging, and relaxing after lunch under a nice shady tree.

What more could a quail desire?  It's the PERFECT place to call home!

4 Response to "Welcome to Covey Run!"

Megan Says:

It's very interesting that you keep quail. I've never heard of being able to cage them. Are these more domesticated or were they from the wild? I'm interested to hear how you got started.

woolywoman Says:

Are the quail for eggs? or, uhm, quail? I have had good luck with my chickens...quail are so cute!

Anonymous Says:

How do you keep them from flying away and leaving when you let them out to range?

Kitty Sharkey Says:

I raise quail for eggs during the spring, summer and into the early fall. Once they stop laying, they become dinner. If they aren't producing for 3 or 4 months, there is no reason for me to keep feeding them. I did that last year, but this year I decided against it.

These are Coturnix Quail, Coturnix japonica. They are an old world species that has been domesticated for ages. They are super sweet and make beautiful calls. They are also heavy egg producers, so they are perfect as dual purpose birds.

I do trim their flight feathers on one wing for free ranging purposes. But the truth is that unless they are extremely startled by a predator, they pretty much can only fly perhaps 3 feet in the air. They are ground dwelling birds and not much interested in flying away. My biggest issue with letting them free range is one neighborhood feral cat who decided my orchard was a wonderful game preserve just ripe for hunting. After losing several to that cat, they went back inside the condo. If I'm out working in the yard, I let them out. They even run in the barnyard with the chickens, ducks, and goats from time to time.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to teach any of them to go back inside at night. They just hunker down where ever their little hearts desire. They are super easy to round up though. Just reach down and pick them up with one hand, give them a little scratch on the chest and then put them away at night. Before I built the condo, I used to just put them in the chicken coop at night with the chickens. No one seemed to mind.