Drum roll please... Nali and I are proud to introducing to you

Posted by Kitty Sharkey , Wednesday, August 3, 2011 7:24 PM

HVNS B3 - name TBD
Mamma's Boy - A perfect replica of Nali, right down to the waddles

Daddy's Little Girl - A perfect replica of Harvey, right down to the blue eyes

HVNS B5 - Candy
Why Candy?  Because she's super sweet!
In honer of her lineage from Castle Rock Farm,
and especially in honer of her mother, Denali, named after the Mountain and National Park,
her official registered name will be...

Big Rock Candy Mountain
Yes, like in that old timey song I love to sing.
And yes, at the moment I am planning on keeping this little sweetheart!

7 Response to "Drum roll please... Nali and I are proud to introducing to you"

Carla Says:

Oh jumping up and down!!! Fantastic, Nali is a queen, isn't she? They are so beautiful, in particular Candy. How was the birth, were you there? Fantastic!

Kitty Sharkey Says:

Yes, luckily I was home. Last year, she was in labor for a good 18 hours, and the actual birth was very intense.

This year, there were no signs of impending labor at all. I had checked on her no more than 10 minutes before hand and had come inside the house. I was sitting at my computer having a conversation when all of a sudden she let out a huge "BLEEEEEEEEEEEEH", and then another.

I ran outside just in time to catch the first bubble. Luckily, I had already moved my birthing kit out to the barn, so I was able to quickly stuff a puppy pad beneath her for the baby to be born on. It's a pretty goopy process.

The little buckling came out in only 2 or 3 more pushes. I think he must really have wanted out of there because usually, once the first kid is born the others come in rapid fire succession. But it was a good half hour before she had more contractions. The second and third kids, both doelings, came out with barely a wimper from Nali, almost like an after thought. The entire birthing process was amazingly easy on her this time around.

Mamma and babies are doing well. They spent the night in the barn bonding with a heat lamp to keep everyone comfortably warm. This morning the kids started exploring the yard. They were outside when I came home romping around testing their springs... er... I mean legs. I've turned the heat lamp back on for the evening. They were in there taking a nap for a while, but are once again out in the yard. If she doesn't take them back inside before I go to bed, I'll probably lock her up with them inside again for the night.

And yes, they are UBER CUTE!

Roxanne Says:

I am loving your posts...glad I stumbled upon your site today. Congratulations!

Carla Says:

Nice photos, particularly of Candy, but really they are all great photos.

amygrennell Says:

Ohhhh how cute! I can't get over how adorable they are. Congrats!

Little Farm in the Big D Says:

So cute!
Our first kids were just born today. How old are they in these photos?