Welcome Home Sara Lee

Posted by Kitty Sharkey , Sunday, June 26, 2011 10:22 AM

Drum roll please...

Introducing the newest addition to Havenscourt Homestead:


Isn't she beautiful? 

Yesterday was a big day here at Havenscourt Homestead as I welcomed home my new doe, Sara Lee.  The morning started early.  I picked up Freya at about 8 AM and headed up to Castle Rock Farm.

I had previously met my new girl when Kate and I went up to help Sarah with her Linear Appraisal.  She was beautiful and super friendly.  But I needed to know that she would fit in with the rest of my herd. 

I also wanted to make sure she was in no way aggressive and that she was okay with kids since we do so much work with children.  When the appraisal was over and they put out alfalfa for all the girls, I was sold.  Rather than diving into the meal like most of the other goats, Sara Lee was spending time with Amanda's little girl.  Absolutely perfect!

Unfortunately, the time wasn't right for me to bring her home.  I was scheduled to head up to Tahoe for the Valhalla Renaissance Faire and 12 days of camping.  I figured this would be too much stress on Sara Lee, so I decided to hold off until I could spend more time helping integrate her into the herd.

When I got back from Tahoe, I had to prep for the Urban Farm Tour.  Being sick didn't help with that at all.  But I managed to get the place spic-n-span and opened my gate to about 140 visitors.  It was a lot of fun and very educational for the tour visitors.  But the added bonus was that I earned enough money to pay for Sara Lee.  As Freya put it, my hobby is now paying for my hobby.

The coolest thing happened when Freya and I got up to Castle Rock Farm.  Sarah was finishing up a few chores, so we let ourselves into the pasture to play with the goats.  The first pasture had a bunch of little kids who were uber cute.  But I wanted to head into the pasture with the big girls.  The moment (and I mean THE MOMENT) Freya and I went through the gate, Sara Lee came over to us for some loving.  No one else.  Just her.  How cool is that?  It's like she knew.

Once I got Sara home, there was the expected jostling in the barnyard as everyone sniffed, headbutted, and chased her all over the yard.  It took her a while to figure out the stumps, but she finally started jumping on them.  She's also used to a ramp on the milk stand rather than having to hop up.  But she'll figure that out as well.  All in all, she's doing well this morning.

My only issue?  She appears to be camera shy.  But we'll work on that!

4 Response to "Welcome Home Sara Lee"

peculiarpurls.com Says:

I was blown away that she was the first to meet us at the gate and the only one for a few minutes at that. She really is a sweet and even tempered goat from what I saw yesterday. She is a beautiful girl and I'm really glad she seems to be settling in.

Anonymous Says:

Beautiful, congratulations and best wishes to all of you.

Clandestine Chickens Says:

Congratulations! She is a beautiful girl. There is nothing better than adding new members of the farm family!