Harvey visits Havenscourt Homestead

Posted by Kitty Sharkey , Saturday, February 26, 2011 3:24 PM

That's right!  I've got a buck on the homestead!  He's a handsome devil too!

This morning I went up to visit Sarah at Castle Rock Farm.  I always enjoy my visits there.  It's a beautiful place and Sarah is a wonderful person.  And her goats are absolutely beautiful.  One of her pregnant does has huge bulges and I just couldn't stop rubbing my hands over her belly.  There are some good babies in there!

But today was special because she agreed to let me borrow Harvey for a few weeks in order to get Snow and Nali knocked up.  They are at the end of their lactation cycle, so it's time.  I'd like to have the deed done and him returned before Lulu gives birth in mid-March.  So this was the best possible option.  Besides, it'll be fun!

In case you're wondering, yes indeed, this is the same blue eyed beau that had a tryst with Lulu back in the fall.  Last year Mr. Lincoln fathered all my kids.  This year, Harvey gets that honor.

Yes, bucks do smell. But honestly, it's not as bad as some people make it out to be. Maybe if you have a bunch of them together like Sarah does it could get a little overwhelming. But just the one? Naw. Not so bad at all.

Harvey spent his first 10 minutes here eating orchard grass. Sammy spent Harvey's first 10 minutes here with his tongue out humping and laying clam to Snow, Nali, and even attempting Lulu. Licking, snuggling, buggering... Mine mine mine!


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