Reflecting upon my accomplishments of 2010

Posted by Kitty Sharkey , Friday, December 31, 2010 10:29 PM

Note: This is not meant to be a complete list, but rather the things that are coming to mind as I sit here reflecting upon the changes to Havenscourt Homestead over the past year. These items are not in chronological order by any stretch of the imagination.  Now that I've compiled it, I'm pretty amazed at everything I accomplished.  Not bad... not bad at all...

Construction Projects:

  • Converted cargo trailer into a livestock trailer
  • Rebuilt front steps
  • Tiled front porch
  • Widened driveway
  • Installed double pane windows throughout house
  • Built rabbitry
  • Goat happenings
    • Three healthy baby goats born, raised, and sold (R.I.P. – A2). Proceeds of their sale along with my companies matching gift program allowed me to donate nine goats and a flock of chickens to Heifer International
    • All four goats are in training to become registered therapy animals
    • All four goats participated in the Funny Farm at the Northern California Renaissance Faire
    • Lulu successfully bred to Harvey – due 3/15ish
    • Edible East Bay - magazine article
    • Backyard Farm by Lori Eanes - Photo essay book which may be printed in Oakland Magazine
  • Rabbits
  • Ducks
  • Turkeys (short timers)
  • Learned / Practiced humane processing of meat animals
    • Chickens
    • Turkeys
    • Rabbits
    • Pheasant
Home Dairy:
  • Milking (self taught)
  • Soft Cheese
    • Chevre
    • Ricotta
    • Feta
    • Mozzarella
  • Hard Cheese
    • Cheddar
    • Derby
    • Gouda
    • Farmhouse Cheddar
  • Yogurt
  • Butter
  • Ice cream
  • Very successful summer garden despite the abnormal weather. First time crops included
    • Sweet Peppers
    • Tomatillos
    • Pumpkins
    • Potatoes
  • Planted Orchard
  • Completed drought tolerant front yard landscaping, including a swing and solar fountain – Thank you everyone who helped with this!
  • Chosen to be a host garden for the 2011 Bay Friendly Garden Tour!!
  • Began foraging for mushrooms
Personal hurdles:
  • Spinal Surgery
  • 8-1/2 months disability (2 separate medical leaves)
  • Although I’m still in a substantial amount of pain at times, it is no where near as bad as it was prior to surgery.
  • And most importantly, I can walk again. Thank you Snow, Nali, Sammy, and Lulu for helping me to achieve this goal.
I'm sure I'm missing numerous items here.  But for now, looking at this list, I'm deeply satisfied.  All in all, despite numerous hardships, it turns out 2010 was a better year than I had originally thought.  Nope, not bad at all.

Here's looking to a happy, healthy, and wounderous 2011.  Happy New Year everyone!

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