Quail Chow Fun

Posted by Kitty Sharkey , Sunday, July 25, 2010 7:49 PM

Ok - So it's not the best picture in the world.  But at least you should get the idea.  It's a tight space to try and shoot.

As those of you who have visited Havenscourt Homested know, I like to provide my animals with enrichment.  You may recall my post about the goats playing soccer.  I like to mix it up for them.  Well today it was the quail's turn.

Whenever I go to the feed or pet store, I'm always looking for items that I can use to provide some entertainment and fun for my animals.  Having something different to do, a challenge or a treat, keeps them happy.  Today, at the feed store, I scored!  This little ball is actually a veggie ball for hamsters.  But I took one look at it and just new if I stuffed it with suet, the little quail would have some fun.

At first, they were a little frightened of this new thing in their cage.  Quail don't like change.  They get skiddish.  But I just hung it in there, went about my chores, and waited.  When I came back into the goat shed, a few of them were checking it out.  It took a little while.  But once a few tentative pecks were had, well... Quail Chow Fun!

I think I'll give it to the chickens next time.  I may have to just get a second.

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